Our Experts

We thrive in multi-disciplinary environments.
From strategic thought leaders to operational lean experts
and architectural planners, Catalyst has the knowledge
and experience to provide comprehensive solutions
to your challenges.

Our Leadership

Michelle Mader
Michelle MaderPresident
Michelle Mader combines a passion for healthcare with a talent for strategic thinking, empowering clients to navigate complex, fast-paced challenges. She is an effective leader who inspires innovation, creative solutions and the delivery of concrete results. Her experience includes identifying growth opportunities and analyzing service line financial performance for large system healthcare providers.
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Sharon Conklin
Sharon ConklinDirector of Operations
Sharon Conklin leads operational process improvement engagements for our healthcare clients. Trained by Edwards Deming in Total Quality Management (TQM) she brings a proven track record in resolving system-wide optimization challenges, reducing operational cost, creating organizational alignment, and maximizing resource utilization.
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Minta Ferguson
Minta FergusonDirector of Planning
Minta works with project stakeholders to define the program, scope, and size of facility and master planning projects. By analyzing equipment needs, requirements, benchmarks, adjacencies, privacy, functionality, patient and staff flow, and codes, she creates functional space programs that meet the needs of user groups and patients.
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Erin Nelson
Erin NelsonDirector of Strategy
Erin assists healthcare leaders in translating their strategic initiatives into actionable facility plans. She has a talent for drawing meaningful conclusions and insights that help clients move their organizations forward. She is adept at recognizing opportunities to turn requirements and challenges into profitable market opportunities.
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