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Aligning Facility Plans with Future Projections

The Problem

Located in a rapidly growing suburb, a regional medical center was rapidly outpacing original growth projections and starting to experience capacity constraints. Given strategic growth initiatives to add tertiary services to the campus, the hospital engaged Catalyst to evaluate future inpatient, surgical, and emergency services needs on the campus and provide facility recommendations that align with future projections.

The Approach

As part of a systemwide initiative to increase access to care, the hospital had strategic plans in place to offer tertiary cardiac and neuroscience services. Since it is in a highly competitive region with no tertiary care within the primary service area, speed to market was key to successful execution of this strategy. Catalyst quantified the additional capacity needs associated with this growth and evaluated the campus’s ability to absorb this volume. Increasing the level of care at the hospital required a deep-dive analysis of patient flow into the campus and between departments. Catalyst’s analysis helped the planning team understand the physical space constraints and potential challenges of working within the hospital’s existing footprint.

The Solution

From the facility’s standpoint, the strategic growth required additional emergency room, observation bed, ICU bed, and surgical capacity. In expanding emergency services, Catalyst’s planning team recommended an addition that optimized the patient entry sequence so that trauma patients could be seen as quickly as possible. Understanding the increasing criticality of the hospital’s patient population, the recommended ICU solution provided right-sized patient rooms with a seamless connection to the emergency department and surgery. The recommended solutions allowed the facility to grow in alignment with operations and strategic goals.

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