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Aligning Prototyping with Efficient Operations

The Problem

Building prototypes allows us to have a starting point when individualizing facility layouts for specific clients. Catalyst strives to incorporate efficient operations with every facility design. More specifically, Catalyst built a prototype to accommodate primary care, physical therapy, and imaging services while considering the flow of patients and anticipated bottlenecks.

The Approach

In order to say confidently our prototypes are not only ideal when it comes to architectural planning and square footage, but allow patient centered and high quality care delivery, Catalyst tests prototypes using simulation software. Being able to watch patients and staff move through the proposed prototype gives planners and process improvement specialists a different viewpoint when considering operational aspects of the system (i.e., ideal placement of waiting room and storage).

The Solution

Understanding the patient and staff process flows of the specific prototype accommodating primary care, physical therapy, and imaging services provided projected utilization of the registration and check out services. Knowing these utilization rates were low, a portion of space designated for registration and check out was reallocation for a larger waiting room. Shared resources between the three services for registration and checkout is an operational solution. Combining architectural and operational efficiency leads to a patient centered and ideal prototype for our clients.

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Prototype, Operations Study & Space Programming and Planning

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