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Assessing Assets to Prioritize Investments

The Problem

Catalyst was tasked in the spring of 2016 to develop a master plan for a teaching hospital that is part of a larger health system to right-size their intensive care units and address major problems with their ED. Two years later, the Planning Team re-engaged Catalyst to verify that the findings and recommendations were still valid and make adjustments where necessary.

A key focus of the Planning Team was developing options that would enable the hospital to not only defend its market position in a competitive environment but also regain market share that was lost to competitors over the years. Additionally, it was important to the leadership team that community goodwill was maintained.

The Approach

Catalyst looked at regional assets and coordinated with the Planning Team to determine how these facilities work together and how they should be prioritized for investment. As part of the study of where to invest to improve the inpatient beds, the planning team studied several options. The options evaluated adding hospital functions and beds to an existing facility by adding on to the existing building. Other options studied expanding hospital functions across the street in either a freestanding building or connecting with a walkway to the existing facility. The site was somewhat limited by three easements that run north to south.

The Solution

Recommendations from the core team included a new patient bed tower at the downtown campus and expanded ambulatory investments across the regional market. This option allowed the larger healthcare system to maintain a presence downtown and indicated to the community a significant investment in renewing the hospital. This new patient bed tower would allow the hospital to vacate and possibly demolish some of the facility’s older construction, creating a more compact and efficient acute care-focused facility.

In making our recommendations, Catalyst considered the health system’s financial capacity to implement changes and tailored architectural plans to meet their needs.

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Strategic Facility Master Plan

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