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Creating a Health Village

The Problem

A large health system in the mid-Atlantic owned a sizable lot of undeveloped land in the middle of a growing residential suburb with an attractive payor mix. The system wanted to extend their services and brand by developing this land while sharing development costs with a real estate partner. Defining the scale and type of services that not only support the needs of the community but also offer a convenient referral channel to the parent facility were presented as the task at hand.

The Approach

The Catalyst team evaluated market demographics trends and created volume growth projections for various healthcare services. With these, and other data points, the Team crafted a medical village model and considered how and when patients would need to access services and what would support sustainable growth in this thriving community. Hotels, retail, educational outlets, research and meeting space were also evaluated as complimentary elements of the village concept.

The Solution

The proposed concept married medical and non-medical based elements but a balance had to be struck to ensure the programming and scale would reflect and support not only the health system’s strategic goals but also its brand. Because of certificate of need (C.O.N) limitations, a short-list of service lines were positioned as marquee programs for the development. By aligning continuum of care elements to the marquee programs, the community would gain a conveniently located system of care while having the weight of a highly regarded brand in its midst.

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