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Incorporating Medical, Retail, and Residential Growth

The Problem

Located on the border of a suburban and rural community, this small community hospital was created with the expectation that the city would grow nearby, but planning initiatives took development to other areas. A long-range plan for a new highway near the site would encourage development, but this highway likely would not be built for 10 years.

The Approach

Catalyst created concepts for maximizing the hospital’s existing assets and expanding the campus into a medical, retail, and housing community. Catalyst considered urban development plans and demographic profiles to highlight services that were appropriate for the hospital’s patients and for consumers. We developed four options that incorporated medical, retail, and residential growth.

The Solution

The hospital selected a hybrid option that placed the hospital in an integrated community that brought together retail, business, outdoor recreation, and healthcare spaces in traditional and non-traditional forms. This concept was unique from traditional health villages in that it was far more integrated with the community.

The live – work – play concept was dependent on allocation of funding for the highway expansion. Consequently, the medical village concept was a long-term solution for the campus rather than an immediate plan.

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