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Partnership for the Greater Good

The Problem

A Florida-based healthcare provider was approached by a developer about applying to be the sole healthcare provider for a large planned community. The opportunity would allow the provider to expand healthcare services in an emerging and attractive market. The provider asked the Catalyst team to evaluate the potential market and help build a facility program to develop a business case for entering into the partnership.

Approach and Solution

Robust market analysis and research on similar models across the country set the groundwork for the engagement. Catalyst team members determined the physician need, future urgent and primary care patient volumes, and estimated demand for ancillary services like x-Ray, ultrasound, and lab. By developing these services, the client would be able to support the community with high-quality, timely care that is linked to a strong medical network. The initial medical program needed to be scalable so it could grow as the community expanded.

Focusing on prevention and wellness, Catalyst recommended the base medical services be supplemented with educational outreach, screenings and other wellness-oriented elements. The proposed offering would associate the client’s highly-regarded brand with the community and increase market share through the referral chain.

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Medical Village Study

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