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Providing Flexibility to Plan Long-Term While Addressing Short-Term Challenges

The Problem

Facing inpatient capacity constraints, the leadership team of an independent community hospital wanted to position the campus for the future with a focus on the interventional platform. The hospital engaged Catalyst to develop concepts for long-range campus development focused on its priorities of rightsizing the interventional platform and increasing inpatient bed capacity.

During the planning process, however, a more urgent situation presented itself: a group of orthopedic surgeons affiliated with the hospital was developing its own ambulatory surgery center. The physicians group used the hospital’s surgical facilities and was the main driver of OR volume. While the group was moving their ambulatory cases off-campus, they requested a capital investment for an inpatient orthopedic “center of excellence.” The upgraded orthopedic center would not necessarily result in more inpatient cases, but it would mean less capital would be available for other initiatives. Therefore, the hospital reordered Catalyst’s priorities to provide advice on how to best handle the physician group’s proposal.

The Approach

The hospital’s leadership wanted to invest in the new orthopedic center. Catalyst provided a financial analysis around the proposal; the net present value analysis showed that investing was not a good move in the long run. However, we suggested rebranding current orthopedic surgical services as the and investing in refreshing the existing OR platform.

As part of our analysis, we found that the surgical department was severely undersized, with a need for an additional OR and incremental support space across the interventional platform. However, our team identified opportunities to improve operational standards to reduce turnaround times and increase capacity. In the short term, hospital leadership wanted an OR added to the current department. This solution was fast-tracked, and our partners at FreemanWhite were brought in to design the new ER while we continued the master planning effort.

The Solution

Catalyst’s solutions allowed SCH to adapt and improve their campus between the ORs and inpatient units instead of focusing their investments on an area that would not provide growth. Our client appreciated our ability to present a flexible approach that allowed them to navigate short-term issues while keeping the larger macro plans front-of-mind. We provided data from financial, strategic, and operational perspectives that gave our client leverage to negotiate with the physicians group while seeing tangible results from addressing short-term issues.

Our clients said: “Catalyst has turned a comprehensive road map into exceptional results through strategic analytics, master planning, facilities condition assessment, and patient flow enhancements. Through a collaborative and integrated process, these results are driving value to our patients and their families, are aligned to the strategic direction of the organization, and are helping as we continue to continuously improve the organization.”

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