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Regaining Market Share after Bad Publicity

The Problem

Following some bad publicity, a hospital in an affluent suburb lost the confidence of the community and with it some market share. Coupled with flat growth expectations for its service area, the hospital needed to be strategic on how it invested in the future to recapture market share and make best use of its existing facility.

The Approach

As Catalyst had worked closely with the health system on master planning, we were brought in to ensure the hospital’s investment plans aligned with the larger system’s strategic vision and goals, involved operational efficiencies, and addressed standards of patient experience. Part of the facility’s long-term strategy was to find its identity and regain the community’s confidence. Being located in an affluent area, patients were accustomed to excellent customer service, a high-quality patient experience, and top-of-the-line amenities.

Catalyst found that the hospital had enough acute care beds to support demand, but the quality of those beds varied by unit, including undersized units or rooms that were not optimal for patient care. The endoscopy suite was a high priority, and Catalyst determined that its layout was not ideal for its purposes — staff had difficulty moving patients through the curved corridor, and the shapes of some rooms made them nearly impossible to use. The ED and OR suite had enough spaces, but the PACU and ambulatory recovery area were separated and not efficient for optimizing cross-training and utilization of staff across both units.

The Solution

Catalyst provided the hospital with a roadmap to set itself up to provide the best patient, staff, and clinical experience. The master plan we provided gave them actionable advice that would allow them to change their practices, ensure streamlined services, and eventually repair their reputation.

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Strategic Facility Master Plan

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