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Standardizing and Modernizing Critical Care

The Problem

The large urban hospital has four separate Intensive Care Units (ICU) across their campus that each have no more than eight to thirteen patient beds. Each unit benchmarked more than 3o% under the industry standard for department area per patient bed. To complicate matters, several of the ICU units are in a open bay configuration and lack many of the items that would be required in new constructed and expected from a patient, family, and nursing perspective. Having separate units has continued to challenge operations and nursing staff with placement of patients in the appropriate specialized unit as well as staffing those units.

The Approach

Given that the existing ICU units are located in the oldest infrastructure, the team evaluated the feasibility of renovating those units, which was not possible. With the lowest cost option eliminated, the team pursued how those units could serve other strategic needs on the campus. Finally, the team collaborated on the best way to consolidate the various ICU units, improve staffing efficiency, provide specialized ICU care, and how to provide the optimal patient and family experience.

The Solution

As part of a greater solution, the team standardized the ICU platform into one 30-bed unit in a three-story inpatient pavilion with vertical expansion capabilities. Furthermore, having each room be an identical design and the unit having a consistent layout, the staff will be able to  work efficiently and spend more time caring for patients instead of hunting for supplies or creating work-arounds to issues in patient rooms.

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