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Emergency Department Activation and Transition Planning

The Problem

With little more than eight months before opening, a small suburban hospital needed to consider all aspects of the move from an old ED to a new ED. However, the hospital had inadequate resources available to manage operational change and logistics planning.

The Approach

Working with facility planning leaders, the local construction management company and hospital departmental leaders, Catalyst lead the effort to create and document the move plan. Over the next eight months our project manager participated in “big room” planning meetings during ED construction, and held individual action planning and problem solving meetings with hospital department leaders. Additionally, when ED operations had not been thoroughly considered, Catalyst worked with ED staff to develop transition plans and training and orientation materials. Each aspect of the activation plan was tracked to its completion.

The Solution

While many hospitals may have the expertise to execute an activation plan, most need executive oversight and project management to ensure all logistics are handled. Our dedicated move manager was able to focus on the logistics plan, allowing hospital leaders and staff to concentrate on daily hospital operations. Areas of focus included communications planning, equipment installation and move timing, existing furniture and computer cataloging, biomedical testing, patient safety checklists, engineering checkoffs, security readiness, education and training, disaster planning, among many other others.

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Emergency Department, Community Hospital


Activation and Transition Planning

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Project Outcomes

Opening on schedule as established by state regulatory agencies.

Education of ED staff and other departments completed one week prior to opening.

Disaster plan for day of opening completed one month prior to opening with implementation on day of opening.

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