Operations-Led Facility Design That Enhances the Patient’s Experience

Designing your facility around the patient.

Overbuilt facilities result in increased infrastructure costs, wasted space, construction cost, and operational expenditures. Based on an average operating and maintenance of $47/year, building two unnecessary 750 dgsf exam rooms could waste $80,000 annually and $1.2 million over fifteen years.

It’s true, form really does follow function! It is also true that linking operational and clinical objectives and a right-sized facility design assures maximum utilization and optimized patient and employee experience. When using our highly skilled multidimensional teams we can transform your organization from within, remove inefficiencies and bottlenecks, and then inform a design that is reflective of your streamlined organization.

Demographic Analysis

  • Patient Forecasting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Service Line Analytics
  • Strategic Analytics

Ideal Department Placement

  • Computational Alignment
  • Maximizing Clinical and/or Organizational Functionality
  • Improved Patient Flow
  • Bridging Adjacencies and Operational Interdependencies
  • Multifunctional Design

Site and Functional Planning

  • Enhancing Patient Experience
  • Optimizing Resource Utilization
  • Maximizing Revenue Generating Spaces

Capacity Planning

  • Capacity Optimization
  • Optimized Functionality
  • Appropriate Practice/Department Needs

Case Studies

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