Feasibility Studies

Hospital leadership is often presented with myriad facility opportunities, and request assistance in analyzing and evaluating options to find the one that best meets their patient, strategic, capital, and operational objectives.

Our evaluation process puts context to the concepts from a multitude of angles and identifies what that means for you and your patients. Repurposing, decommissioning, demolition, replacement, and renovating are all strategies that can be evaluated, leading to a successful business case.

Our team will help leadership to determine the highest and best use of a facility while overlay regulatory and code restrictions to inform the decision making process.

Patient Perspective

Evaluate the options to create an optimal patient experience.


Knowing that your facility footprint is efficient and complies with industry or system standards.

Space Planning

Conceptual test fit or block diagram to understand adjacencies, flow, and alignment with key planning units.


Generate list of spaces and respective sizes required in basis of design.

Project Costs

Create an opinion of probable cost in collaboration with Haskell pre-Construction services.

Facility Condition Assessment

Understand risk from infrastructure, capital planning, and plant operation.

Operational Impacts

Plan for process changes and staffing changes, revenue increase or loss.

Planning & Logistics

Account for schedule, downtime and temporary needs.

Case Studies

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