Master Plans

Our process is structured yet flexible. We leverage all available information to
formulate an implementation plan that considers processes, not just hallways.

Healthcare systems, both large and small, save time and money in the long-run with an actionable master plan. Catalyst’s team of strategists, facility planners and operational improvement experts leverage decision analytics tools and their expertise to provide direction on how to address challenges facing the campus. Our creative solutions optimize care delivery by maximizing the existing footprint and phasing out old buildings so the campus can efficiently grow over time.

Our master plans address underutilized or vacant space while maximizing revenue-generating services. The process allows for the time to fully assess capacity challenges, evaluate facility challenges, and gain stakeholder insight while accommodating deadlines for completion.

“Each member of the Catalyst team was extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise. The data analysts were excellent to work with, and the on-site teams had great rapport and credibility with our clinicians. The project leaders added clear strategic thought to the work. All in all, one of the best consulting engagements I’ve been involved with.”

-Health System Planning Consultant

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