Medical Village

Positioning key services in a neighborhood format offers hospital providers options with financing ambulatory services.

The medical village model is an emerging approach to healthcare delivery that brings together ambulatory healthcare services with commercial and hospitality services in a neighborhood-oriented format. A partnership with a real estate developer can offset some of the costs and possibly provide a revenue stream for the hospital. The medical village model introduces an attractive and convenient destination for current and potential patients.

Catalyst strategy experts help determine which services are appropriate for the community and how they compliment the overall system of care. The final mix of services can be programmed and scaled through tested and reliable architectural and planning principles. Because many medical villages involve a real estate developer partner, Catalyst helps balance investment needs with mission and budget.

“This was my first experience working with [Catalyst] and the approach taken to evaluate, analyze and propose conceptual design solutions was top notch. Far exceeded any other method I have seen. It enabled us to complete a very comprehensive and convincing business case for capital fund approval.”

-Sr. Project Manager, Planning & Construction

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