Surgi IQ

Bridging the gap between clinical responsibility and financial demand.

You stepped up when the crisis demanded. You were there for your community and your patients. Now it’s time to look toward the future. CMS has issued their initial guidelines and key providers in surgery have released their recommended roadmap for resuming elective surgeries, but where do you start? How long will it take to get to normal? How deep is the financial deficit? Our interactive tool lets us utilize your data and collaborate with you to develop a plan that works for your organization, your surgeons, and your timeline. Our process is fast, interactive, and dynamic.

For more information and a demo, please contact: Sharon Conklin at or call 843-367-6408.

Our Process:

  • Setup a demo by contacting us

  • Submit surgery log containing key variables including payments/adjustments and direct/indirect costs for 2019 (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2019) and physical count of rooms
  • Schedule a review of the initial analysis on where the organization is currently within a one- to two-week time frame
  • Next steps…How do we reduce the time to return to normal?

Surgery Summary

Post COVID-19 Perioperative Model

  • Which cases should I prioritize to return to normal operations post-pandemic?
  • How can I balance patient acuity, payer mix, reimbursements, and costs and still meet my patient and financial goals?
  • Can I evaluate my case backlog and current case load dynamically to determine how to reduce my revenue deficit and return to normal by varying operations?
  • Which elective cases have been postponed, and what is the financial impact to the organization?