Learn how telemedicine can transform your existing clinic space to better serve your patients and providers.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced all of us to pivot from in-person to telemedicine visits for the safety of everyone. Organizations that have historically monopolized geographic regions with ambulatory locations are now under tremendous pressure to stay competitive as markets reopen and geographic imposed restrictions disappear. Those looking to grow their practices will find new opportunities to transform their existing facilities to optimize this new digital adoption and reduce costs.

We believe this opportunity lies within embracing telemedicine and facilitating virtual care to patients outside the “brick and mortar” and payer restrictions that existed yesterday.

Physician practice models will continue to change dramatically as they move to virtual care. Re-evaluating your primary care clinic space is a must-do-now initiative. The rapid adoption of telemedicine is already fundamentally changing the design and operations of your ambulatory facilities. The question is “Are you ready to implement:

  • Smaller clinic footprints

  • Higher rates of rotating staff, sharing office and exam space,

  • Clinic consolidations

  • Reduced clinical and administrative support staff

  • A telehealth center of excellence and

  • Branded home and clinic offices?”

Download our Guide to Transforming Ambulatory Facilities for Telemedicine to learn more about how to successfully transform your ambulatory investments to leverage telemedicine now and tomorrow.


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