About Catalyst

Together, we can transform healthcare.

Catalyst, a Haskell Company, is a healthcare consultancy developed to bringing customer driven healthcare services to communities domestic and internationally. Catalyst provides strategic, operational, and facility planning solutions to healthcare providers to facilitate the streamlining of patient care experiences while minimizing costs. Our experienced team is dedicated to bringing innovative and implementable solutions that address consumers’ needs and provider challenges in a very complex healthcare environment.

Creating the Foundation for Tomorrow’s Healthcare

In 2014, Catalyst joined Haskell, one of the nation’s leading integrated design, engineering, and construction firms. Our partnership delivers full service healthcare facility solutions through a pioneering delivery model that seamlessly integrates every stage of a capital project. We now offer single-source accountability, backed by industry-leading analytics and design, at a time when the healthcare industry needs it most.

We thrive in multi-disciplinary environments. From strategic thought leaders to operational lean experts and architectural planners, Catalyst has the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive solutions to your challenges.

Michelle Mader
Michelle MaderPresident
Michelle Mader combines a passion for healthcare with a talent for strategic thinking, empowering clients to navigate complex, fast-paced challenges.
Sharon Conklin
Sharon ConklinDirector of Operations
Sharon Conklin excels in operational excellence producing efficiencies that reduce costs and enhance satisfaction.
Debbie Jacobs
Debbie JacobsDirector, West Region
Debbie Jacobs guides West Coast providers to achieve their quality, access, patient experience and financial objectives.

Why Catalyst?

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Our Family of Brands

Haskell’s strategic acquisition strategy leverages the capabilities of each organization to deliver full service, complex projects through:

Core competencies of each company ♦ Increased efficiencies in design and delivery
Reduction in project risks ♦ Delivery with tighter schedules ♦ Financial stability ♦ Expanded global reach

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