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Expanding a Healthcare Plan While Maintaining the Patient Experience

The Problem

Operating in a large metro area with strong projected growth, our client is the flagship hospital in a large hospital system. The hospital had made significant strides in upgrading their infrastructure but had not yet addressed the campus’s long-term needs. The hospital system engaged Catalyst to create a plan for expanding the flagship campus in a way that would address their strategic goals while maintaining their high standards for patient experience.

The Approach

Alongside future population growth, our client’s long-term strategy included expanding services in neurology, orthopedics, and women’s and children’s health, as well as enhancing the overall expectation and experience of these tertiary services. Catalyst’s plans addressed current and future needs and goals via a new patient pavilion with an expanded ED and surgical platform, expanded women’s and children’s platform, and an enhanced, experiential front door.

The resulting plan refined the “hospitals within a hospital” concept at this site. With the children’s hospital already in place, this plan co-located tertiary services in a manner to streamline a patient’s flow through their continuum of care and enhance the experience for not only the patient, but the family, physicians, and staff. Localized entry access, parking, and clear patient pathways were developed. Each “hospital” would feature functional use of space with a strong aesthetic appeal through interior design and streamlined operations. For example, the women’s health center would include a dedicated drop-off, zones for obstetrics, play zones for siblings, co-located lactation services, and a gift shop specifically for newborns and their parents, while expanding the clinical zones to accommodate a growing population.

Due to Catalyst’s long history with the health system, we were aware of upcoming capital expenditures throughout the system that necessitated finding operational solutions to capacity issues that did not involve new building and developing an expansion plan that could be easily adjusted based on capital availability.

Catalyst’s plans included streamlining the flow of patients through departments such as surgery and the ED to create capacity and accommodate more inpatient beds. Catalyst’s plan identified less expensive space to house patients appropriately based on their patient status, reducing the amount of square footage that needed to be built.

The Solution

Critical to developing a successful plan was coordinating with the health system’s internal teams and outside consultants. Catalyst worked closely with hospital and system leadership, clinical staff, facilities staff, outside engineers, and local contractors to build confidence in the cost estimates included in the master plan.

Through this collaboration and using data analysis, Catalyst developed a master plan that allowed the hospital to maintain flexibility as capital became available or to enact initiatives that would provide a return on investment to support other projects. Catalyst provided objective analyses to support the direction of the master plan, enabling the hospital to present the plan to the board quickly.

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