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Maximizing Space on a Landlocked Site

The Problem

Landlocked on an island, the hospital had very minimal land for expansion but needed a solution to their capacity challenges.  With over 50 operating rooms across 8 different OR platforms and 1,000+ inpatient beds, there were significant operational challenges that exacerbated capacity constraints.  A majority of the operating rooms were small for the types of cases being performed in them and several of the intensive care units were undersized.  Given the hospital’s continued strategic growth in tertiary services, the hospital needed more capacity and treatment spaces capable of serving their high-acuity patient population.

The Approach

The hospital’s service area adult population was projected to grow 1.7% annually over the next five years. Overlaid with their aging demographics, the market was projected to see notable growth in Cardiac Surgery, Neurology, and Spine. We analyzed the hospital’s historical volume and operational data to identify current capacity trends and challenges.  Marrying this data up with physical design restrictions, our team identified a need for additional ICU, OR, and support services capacity.

The Solution

Our team recommended a pavilion expansion to house new intensive care beds and support services. Some existing ICU rooms could be renovated in place, but an expansion was still necessary to get the campus to the compliment of beds it needed to support market demand and strategic growth initiatives. A phased OR solution was recommended to right-size and modernize the main OR platform and a clean-core was recommended to improve operational flow.  While the recommendations came with a high price tag, our team quantified a positive return on investment in less than 5 years.

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