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When the Facility is Too Old to Meet Community Needs

The Problem

An aging community hospital serving a rural, but thriving community has a 82-acre greenfield property available to build a replacement facility. The site currently houses an operational an ambulatory surgery center. Given the lack of consensus from various stakeholders about the appropriate allocation and magnitude of services to be offered in the replacement hospital given capital limitations, the Catalyst Team was engaged to complete a strategic market and data review to identify how the community uses the hospital services today and how the complement of services might change in the future.

The Approach

The Catalyst Team focused on identifying which inpatient and outpatient services should shift to the replacement facility. In addition, the Planning Team assessed potential market share gains that may result from attracting providers and patients to new facility. An operational assessment of the current campus was completed to inform the planning and layout of the new facility. The team examined whether the new facility could be attached to the ambulatory surgery center as a way to reduce capital and duplication of services. To fully vet out this scenario, extensive research regarding reimbursement regulations was conducted before proceeding with planning efforts. The outputs of the market and data review and operational assessment were used as the basis for the programming analysis.

The Planning Team developed an option that incorporated the ASC into a full 52-bed replacement facility. In an effort to reduce capital, outpatient construction was designed to business occupancy standards and only inpatient areas were designed to I2 construction. After initial costing and phasing, a complete replacement hospital was deemed too expensive. Catalyst worked with the client to develop a phased approach to build an acute campus on the greenfield 82-acre site attached to the ASC while leaving the behavioral health beds at the current location. In the future, the behavioral health beds will move to the replacement facility.

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